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Helping dreamers who feel stuck in a corporate job find a career that brings excitement, purpose, and wonder back into their lives again.

Do you feel like you were made for more than what you’re doing, but aren’t sure how to find a job that brings true fulfillment and pays the bills?

Do you feel like your unique gifts aren’t fully seen and used in your current job? Do you know what you’re genius at? (Hint: this goes way beyond talking a Strengths Finders test and thinking about the top buzzword skills on your resume)

Is it starting to feel impossible that you could actually be excited for Monday to roll around?

Partner with me to reignite your passion for life as you…

  • Find a career that embodies who you are

  • Boost your performance and your enjoyment in your current job

  • Start a business or your biggest passion project yet

I believe that if you have a desire for more in your career, it is within your reach and can be brought to life sooner than you thought possible. I help people uncover their “why” behind what they do, live in their definition of success, find what they uniquely have to offer that clients or employers want to pay them handsomely for, learn how to be guided by intuition over fear, speak from the heart so that people want to listen, and so much more.

Interested in having me speak or host a workshop for your colleagues, friends, or organization? I would love to speak with you to design the perfect experience for your group. For speaking engagements and group coaching inquiries, schedule a call or email me at


Helping ballet dancers overcome the career’s ups and downs with joy, meaning, and inner stability.

Terrified of audition season? Struggling through an injury? Feel like it’s time to move on, but life after dance feels like one big, terrifying question mark?

Helping you find yourself and your answers within is what I’m here for.

You might not be in control of what company accepts you or what role you are chosen for, but you can take responsibility for the beliefs and perspectives that create your experience of day-to-day life. This life is too precious to be at the affect of your circumstances and the way they make you feel. Allow me to partner with you in finding peace and purpose as you learn to…

  • Dance from your heart, and let your art fill you with life the way it did when you started.

  • Look to the future with faith and excitement over fear.

  • Perform your best with confidence and trust in the current skills and resources you have available to you.

  • Understand your inherent value as a contributor to your environment so that you no longer rely on external validation for your sense of worth.

You are so much more than what your body can do. Experience the freedom that is available to you as soon as you’re ready for it.

Interested in having me come speak to your students or a group within your dance community? I would be delighted to discuss that possibility with you and find a topic that would resonate with them most! For speaking engagements and group coaching inquiries, schedule a call or contact me via email at



When my intense ballet training landed me in double leg casts and a wheelchair, I decided there was no time like the present to reinvent myself and dive into something new. So off to business school I went.

I spent the next three and a half years at Texas A&M University, committing myself to excel in academics and student leadership positions. Somewhere in the midst of trying to prove to myself and others that I could keep up with the cream of the crop, I lost touch with the dreamer in me. I went where the praise of parents and peers would follow me, kicking off my career as an Emerging Technology Consultant for a large consulting firm.

Over the next two years, I discovered that I wasn’t willing to spend my precious time on Earth living according to society’s general definition on success instead of exploring and honoring my own. I realized I wanted nothing more than to help others design and obtain careers that are an expression of who they are while maximizing their influence, fulfillment, and freedom.

It is my mission to help prepare and deploy people to the stations in society they are uniquely made to serve with their greatest gifts. It is my dream that my clients will be able to get to the end of their days and confidently say with a smile on their face, “I found the reason I was created and I fulfilled my purpose using the gifts that were entrusted to me to the best of my ability.”



As a former professional dancer, I know exactly what it’s like to ask myself “If this is ‘living the dream’, why does it feel like I’m just surviving?”. When I fell completely in love with ballet as a pre-teen, it felt like practically nothing could stop me. However, numerous summer programs later and a year into my training at the Houston Ballet Academy, I found myself suffering through a serious knee injury while trying desperately to keep up with the merciless training standards. I still loved dance with all my heart, but I knew I was made for more than this constant physical and emotional strife. That time was the beginning of a learning process about the power of choice that would later evolve into my mission to help other dancers like me.

Attending college at the University of Utah was my time to hit the refresh button and find my sense of confidence and value that could not be threatened by a bad rehearsal or a “rejection” letter. The parts of me that were suppressed in my serious ballet training began to come to the light. I saw that there is so much more to me and life than being a good dancer, but it is such a gift that I could consciously choose to pursue ballet anyway.

After my third year at the U, it was time to audition for companies. I saw my peers subjecting themselves to a tremendous amount of pre-emptive stress. Something inside of me said, “stress is a choice, not an ultimatum”. It was like a switch was flipped in that moment. From there, I embarked on an experiment to fall further in love with dance and have a tremendous amount of fun throughout audition season. Not only did it work, but I found myself becoming an evangelist of the mindset I learned to adopt.

When I joined Oklahoma City Ballet as an apprentice, I was happier than ever. The next 6 months were so happy that it felt unreal. The desires of my heart had been fulfilled, and though what came next felt like my personal demise, I had no idea that it would turn into my mission field. My knee injury resurfaced - this time, more critically than ever. I suffered through it for nearly a year before deciding to go through with surgery. This was one of the hardest times of my life, but it developed my character and resolve to be a light in this world more than any success ever could. After surgery, I was able to come back for one last performance with OKCB before confronting my deep sense of knowing that it was time to move on.

Flash forward to now, my joy and sense of fulfillment comes from partnering with other pre-professional and professional dancers in the midsts of their struggles to walk together towards a life more fully and purposefully lived. As a certified professional coach, I do this one-on-one and in group settings by guiding dancers through profound mindset shifts and personal realizations that change not only their decisions and behaviors, but their very experience of this precious life.

Curious about what partnering with either of us could do for you?

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