You’ll hear me say the word “calling” a lot around here. As a follower of Christ, transformed by grace through faith, that’s a term that means something very special. But I wandered through big life decisions and my early career not knowing what the heck it was.

Despite sitting through a lifetime of sermons, joining Bible studies, listening to Christian podcasts, and reading a load of books, somehow these BURNING questions of mine (that happen to be vital topics that all should hear) were completely missed:

#1 Why did God commission us to a life of work

#2 what is the biblical definition of a calling

#3 AND WHOA - HOW do you find your unique calling

(#4 bonus - why is all of this so important anyway?)

I felt the pain of not understanding the answers to these questions. Without deeply knowing who God made me to be, and I had no clue what I was meant to do with my life, so I just aimed for money and status and went into corporate consulting after college.

*Cue my soul draining*

I discovered that I wasn’t willing to spend my precious time on Earth living according to society’s general definition on success instead of exploring and honoring what God created me to accomplish.

I realized I wanted nothing more than to help others design and obtain careers that are an expression of who they are while maximizing their influence, fulfillment, and freedom. Well - that was my initial vision when quitting my corporate job, anyway. After a few months, I realized I loved helping people find careers that made them happy, but I knew that there is so much more to life than personal happiness.

So I returned to my core, unresolved question: What does the Bible say about what God wants us to do with our careers?

ENTER: My eyes nearly bulging out of my head, realizing God is CALLING every single one of us into specific work that He uniquely equipped and predestined us to do for His glory (and our own sense of purpose and fulfillment!)

That’s right! Oh and it MATTERS that we utilize and multiply the gifts and resources He entrusted to us (read: Matthew chapter 25, the Parable of the Talents).

As I went around like a crazy women telling all my friends that we each have a unique and glorious calling, and God created steps for us to find it (that’s right! It’s not a mystery!), I heard time and time again “oh wow - I need this. I’m desperate to find a career that is meaningful and fulfilling.” That’s when I created my course, The Called Career to help fellow faith-based friends find and follow the career path they were made for.

Now I do private coaching, my class (The Called Career), speaking, workshops, and conferences, spreading this transformative message as far as possible and providing powerful guidance and coaching support.

It is my mission to help prepare and deploy people to the stations in society they are uniquely made to serve with their greatest gifts. It is my dream that my clients will be able to get to the end of their days and confidently say with a smile on their face, “I fulfilled my purpose using the gifts that were entrusted to me to the best of my ability.” 

And when we meet our maker face-to-face, hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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