Q: What is coaching? How is it different than counseling, therapy, mentorship, and consulting?

We get it, all of these terms seem confusing and interchangeable! Don’t worry, we are happy to break it down a little bit so you know exactly what to expect from us!

Coaching: The International Coach Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today's uncertain and complex environment”.

The great thing about skillful coaching is that it provides an extremely objective environment through which a client can come to their own powerful conclusions. In this process, the coach asks the client poignant questions in order to build awareness and help them reach conclusions and set specific goals to which they will be held accountable.

Counseling: Compared to the coaching process that focuses more on optimizing the present and the future for a person of adequate mental health, counseling is geared more towards healing from painful experiences of the past.

Therapy: Therapy is for people with more serious mental health concerns who feel they are trying to get from a dysfunctional to a functional mental state. In coaching, we take clients from functional to optimal.

Mentorship: Mentorship is a process through which a mentor with a specific expertise or set of experiences shares advice with a mentee who is seeking to achieve similar results. This can be very helpful in some cases if the mentor and mentee are alike.

Consulting: Consulting is for clients who want the problem-solving done for them. In this process, the consultants come in with a specific skill set that they use to create solutions for the client. Unlike mentoring, it is not just for soliciting advise, it is also for developing strategies and implementing them through collaboration in order to solve problems fast.

So here’s how we do things

Having a coach who just asks you questions on your journey to objectivity and self awareness is amazing… but what happens when you’re like, “I DON’T HAVE ANY OF THE ANSWERS I feel I need, and I just want someone to tell me what I should do!”?

This is where a bit of consulting and mentorship comes in.

When appropriate, we are here to suggest specific strategies to implement that will clear the confusion and teach you what you need to make killer progress. We have also had specific experiences in our respective fields that some clients in similar positions benefit from knowing about. We share these sparingly, and only when it is in the best interest of the client. After all, it is typically quite difficult for the same brain that created the problem to also solve it.

In our experiences, energetic shifts combined with powerful strategies are what make these tailor-made partnerships work.

Q: Is coaching really worth investing in?

Of course, most anything you could want to learn in order to improve yourself can be found for free or very little money on the internet. The reason seeking additional information rarely produces life-changing results is that these impersonal resources do not help you discover and address your personal objections to integrating the power tips you might read about. During the coaching process, we distinctly identify and resolve your personal blocks that continually hold you back from accomplishing what you know you could. Throughout our powerful conversations, not only will you be able to integrate your learnings into action more effectively than ever before; you learn to become the expert on your own life, instead of handing that role off to someone else who claims to have the “key to success”!

You will have someone helping you to identify achievable goals that mean so much to you, and partnering with you until your goals have been achieved. In other words, if you are committed to making the changes that you want to see, the chance of true failure is slim to none. This process will help you step into an unprecedented level of confidence and self-respect.

In conclusion, we absolutely have to mention that throwing your money at coaching is not your one-way ticket to happiness and success if you are not truly willing to fully engage and relentlessly put your heart, mind, and soul into the goals that we are helping you to achieve. Sometimes taking that level of responsibility and action takes courage, but it is so worth it when YOU get to own your results!

Q: Do we coach clients remotely or internationally?

Absolutely! We do all of our sessions over Zoom video conferencing, so as long as you have access to a computer and the internet, our partnership is totally possible.

Q: Do we work with clients outside of our specific niches?

In most cases, yes! If, during our initial conversation, we discover that your goals are something that we can help with, our ability to work together is not limited by a specific age, demographic, or psychographic.

For instance, Kirsten has worked with recreational dancers who spend most of their time working in another profession, or dancers who retired decades ago. She has also helped artists of other disciplines.

Kelsey has worked with professionals with a variety of goals. Whether that be to find a new career path that allows them to prosper, or to be more satisfied and effective in their current job.