Are you a dancer, struggling with…

  • Constant self doubt and anxiety, wondering if you’ll ever be good enough?

  • FRUSTRATION with your negative thoughts and beliefs holding back not just your enjoyment of dance, but your physical progress?

  • An injury that has left you feeling helpless and worthless?

  • Burnout?

  • Contemplating a big transition within your career or into the big unknown after dancing full-time, but your terrified and confused about what to do next?

I’ve got you.

I completely understand where you’re coming from, and I’m here to help you not only cope, but become the most purposeful, effective, and confident version of yourself.


As a former professional dancer and Certified Mindset and Transition Coach, I am so incredibly passionate about guiding dancers through the most difficult aspects of this career with confidence and a sense of personal value. I care because dance isn’t just a thing we do, it feels like who we are.

I know that the “no’s” feel personal, success can feel impossible, and injuries feel like the end of you. But what I also know is that, if handled carefully, these struggles can produce a strong sense of character and purpose that you wouldn’t trade out for anything.

I have worked with many dancers, ranging from recreational dancers to those in world class companies, partnering with them to move from being at the effect of their struggles, to a new phase of mental and physical harmony, a deep understanding of their identity and capabilities beyond their what bodies can do, and a firm confidence in their next moves.

If you are so tired of…

  • Wondering if you’ll ever be good enough and sorting through the 100 reasons why you’re already not.

  • Finding yourself stuck in a cycle of injuries and feeling lost in a crowd of talent.

  • Feeling the deep frustration of holding back because you’re terrified of exposing your flaws (hello, self-sabotage!).

  • Wondering if you even like ballet any more… is all this angst even worth it?

  • Feeling undeserving of rest until you’ve achieved perfection.

  • Catching yourself saying that you love dancing, but the daily struggle makes you wonder if that’s a lie.

  • Knowing the identity that you once found in ballet now feels fractured and incomplete without the approval of others.

You’ll come out of our partnership ready to…

  • Break ties with your reliance on external validation for self worth.

  • Radiate with confidence and passion in performances, daily work in the studio, and auditions.

  • Feel a sense of ease and joy in your dancing again (so you can lose the daily struggle bus jokes in class).

  • Recover from a difficult injury with patience, peace of mind, and motivation to translate your mental strength into physical strength again.

  • Let disappointments come and go without letting them steal your energy.

  • Find out exactly who you are beyond your identity as a dancer and feel like the world is your oyster outside of ballet.

  • Become an inspiration and a positive influence for other dancers who are stuck in the same cycle of frustration and angst that you once felt!

Ready? Let’s do this.

After all, what’s all the time and effort you’ve spent on dancing worth if you aren’t able to enjoy it consistently?


"As dancers, our greatest challenges are often not physical, but mental. We are far to quick to judge ourselves based off of our appearance in the mirror, how a performance 'felt', and what our teacher/artistic director thinks of us. If we're honest, we enter the studio with a self-limiting and debilitating mindset that hinders us from growing. Kirsten not only recognizes this, but she's been through it and has come out the other side with insight and wisdom far beyond her years. Thankfully, she has the way out! Through Kirsten's coaching, I've come to recognize the thought patterns that are not serving my dancing and have come to adopt new one's based on her guidance and expertise. Kirsten will help you set new goals and give you a clear & informed perspective that we simply can't get on our own. I am incredibly grateful for her!"

- Jordan Tilton, Professional Dancer with Diablo Ballet (formerly with San Francisco Ballet), Writer behind the blog, Ballerinas in Business

Many dancers focus merely on their physical power to accomplish their dreams, meanwhile trying to make use of a mindset that is geared towards self protection, not self fulfillment.

Just like an olympian would be nuts to train without a coach, You need someone with training and experience who sees what you’re capable of, brings awareness to your strengths and perceived limitations, and guides you towards becoming the best version of yourself. This is a badly needed, but rarely provided space for dancers to pause, connect with themselves, and proceed with objectivity and groundedness.

As dancers, we learn to be motivated by two things: FEAR of failure, and PRAISE from people. Very few dancers learn to primarily be motivated by dancing because the experience alone provides tremendous satisfaction. We learn to motivate ourselves by what we don’t want instead of what we do want, which sadly perpetuates a cycle of only seeing and reacting to the very things we dread… scary right!?

Together, let’s break that cycle.

"Kirsten has displayed through the incredible insights on her YouTube channel and through our personal interactions that she has a great understanding for what dancer's face in the pursuit of professional dance. Her experiences as a dancer have clearly supported her in finding a positive and balanced mindset. This is a path she will expertly lead the next generation of dancer's down as well. If you work with Kirsten, rest assured that you will be guided and supported in the most selfless and authentic way possible."

~Jess Spinner, Former Pro Dancer, Health Coach and Founder of The Whole Dancer


In the coaching process, I guide dancers through identifying and releasing pain from their pasts that has continued to inform their thoughts and behaviors, and constructing a personal identity and value system that is not threatened by an off day in the studio, an injury, or a difficult transition.

Additionally, coaching isn’t just about addressing your emotions, it involves strategic goal setting that pairs your inner growth with accelerated outward results.

In our work together, you can count on me to listen deeply and intuitively, ask thought-provoking questions that get to the root of what is giving you trouble, and work with you to co-create solutions that enhance your personal satisfaction and success. Through this process, you will get an unparalleled view of the REAL you and the immeasurable value you can bring to your environment.


“Kirsten helped me identify my biggest challenge in life: devoting myself to something I value highly, but without the anxiety. Within just two calls, she helped me adopt a new mindset that instantly lifted the weight off my shoulders. Now I am able to focus on taking the right course of action to move forward with my career without the worrying and obsessing over what could happen to hinder me. This has allowed me to see new possibilities in stressful situations. She clearly cares about my well-being and her coaching is focused, lucid, and efficient. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs some perspective and guidance during their career struggle!”

- Jackie Z., Recreational Dancer, Researcher & Economist

Ready to invest in your success?

Here’s what you’ll receive:

1. Deep, personalized coaching that releases the power of the fear-based thinking and self-imposed limitations that have held you back from the success and satisfaction you’ve longed for. This will include:

  • “Homework” that encourages you to instantly put your learnings and breakthroughs into practice.

  • An understanding of what motivates you (why you want what you want) and what tends to hold you back. This is HOW you will become effective at accomplishing what you set your mind to!

  • You will also learn a framework for understanding how to “be your own coach” after our work together is finished. The tools I give you will allow you to lead yourself (and others) over the long term, and do so more effectively than ever.

  • Step-by-step strategies to accomplish your goals. We break down the daily and weekly steps you need to take to finally accomplish your goals. This is what allows you to accomplish the big goals that have overwhelmed you for so long! I will hold you accountable to the action steps we set each week, which means that, if you are ready to do your part, progress is guaranteed!

2. Weekly 75-minute private coaching sessions over ZOOM video conferencing

  • See package offerings below

3. An E.L.I. Assessment and debrief session. Going through the assessment brings precise awareness to the way you see the world right now, what events subconsciously formed that perspective, and how that “default” perspective is directly creating the results you’re want nothing more than to run from. By providing an unparalleled look into the way you think and react, not just in daily life but in response to stress, we will be able to clearly identify the parts of your current mindset that need reform if you’re going to live a life you love. From there, that specificity will allow us to set achievable goals that matter to you. Learn more about how the E.L.I. works here.

4. A recording of every session so that you can revisit your insights and track your personal growth

5. Access to me via messaging for support between calls. As dancers, stressful situations come up all the time. I am there to help you reframe the “I don’t know what to do and I’m freaking out” moments!

to discover what package will help you best accomplish your goals, schedule a free consultation.

*Please be aware that free consultations are for those who are truly wanting to discover if investing in a multiple-session coaching package is right for them. This is NOT a time for free advice. For those exclusively seeking advice and mentorship in this conversation (see F.A.Q for how those differ from coaching), this must be determined ahead of time and an hourly rate of $150 for mentorship will apply. If you have any questions, send me an email at kirsten@kempcoachingalliance.com


Total Transformation Partnership (most recommended):

Are you ready to be guided through a complete transformation? The length of this partnership allows us to create deep, profound changes in the way you think, identify yourself, and perceive what is possible. These learnings are solidified through consistent, monitored action. In this process, I will draw out the vision of your full potential and hold you to it! Failure or mediocrity will not be on our radar!

Whether you are going through an injury, a big change in your career, or are ready to uproot years of limiting beliefs on your road to confidence, this package is for dancers who are ready to be unrecognizable (in the best way) to their former selves.

  • An E.L.I. Assessment and debrief session (2 hours)

  • 8 75-minute private coaching sessions

  • A recording of every session

  • Access to me via messaging

3-Session Mindset Intensive:

If you know that your mindset needs an upgrade, but feel like you just need a “mindset intensive” to move ahead at full speed with clarity and confidence, this package is perfect for you.

  • 3 75-minute private coaching sessions

  • A recording of every session

  • Access to me via messaging

1 Breakthrough Session

Is a big decision, performance, or audition right around the corner and you need to the peace of mind that you’re truly set up to do your best? I offer single sessions to dancers who don’t want to go through their pivotal moments alone. In this conversation we will give you the presence of mind to act out of confidence and your “mean to be’s” instead of fear.

  • One 90-minute session

  • A recording of the session

Price: $250

*IMPORTANT NOTE! There is NO free initial consultation for this option. To book and purchase this single session, send an email to kirsten@kempcoachingalliance.com stating what you want help with and that you would like to purchase one breakthrough session. I will get back to you promptly with payment information and a link to book.


Instead of buying a small wardrobe of custom leotards to be comfortable in your own skin, you have the opportunity to invest in revamping your inner world to more effortlessly create the outer world you’ve always wanted. Stop wasting your time wishing and hoping… it’s time for you to invest in the partnership it takes to become and achieve.


After dealing with a knee injury for three months that I felt like I was never going to get through, I spoke with Kirsten for just one hour, and the change I experienced after our discussion was incredible. I had been battling my own mind and body for such a long time and was frustrated and stressed, yet in a few weeks after Kirsten helped me shift my mindset, I was feeling great and experiencing little to no knee pain- something I had only dreamed of for months! I did not realize how powerful your mindset can be in terms of your physical health. Thanks to Kirsten I was able to get past this injury and am now preparing to go overseas for a dream summer intensive program that I wouldn’t imagine ever happening a few months ago.

- Harper Banks, Pre-Professional Dancer