Why did God design work to be such a huge part of our lives? Did God intend for me to feel purpose and meaning in my career? Do I have a unique calling from God to a specific vocation?

In this seven-week, in-person course, we will dig into what God tells us in the Bible about His intention for our work, explore who He uniquely crafted us to be, and how we can best live that out in each of our careers.

Set the foundation: what does the bible say about work?

  1. Connect with the gift of work as God designed it in the beginning

  2. How we can make the most of work now that we live in a fallen world

  3. Understand the biblical definition of a calling

uncover your personal calling from god

by getting clear on:

  1. Who God made you to be with your unique gifts, skills, and experiences

  2. What God put on your heart to cultivate or create through work

  3. How God has specifically equipped and assigned you to help others 

Integrate your calling with your career

Design practical actions to dedicate your work to fulfill the assignment God has given you. Whether that means:

  1. Applying yourself to your current job in the most Christ-like, inspired way

  2. Receiving clarity and direction on a new career path you feel called to pursue

"When I began working with Kelsey, I felt paralyzed in my career. I was a year into a job I didn’t enjoy, questioning all school and career decisions I had made previously, and had no idea how or where to move on. With ease and confidence, Kelsey crafted a personalized process in which she asked me questions I had never considered and helped to unearth the passions and purposes driving me that I had never been able to articulate. I received clarity in my desired career path, empowerment to take steps onto that path, and reassurance that someone was in my corner the whole time. Kelsey cares deeply about helping others to discern their callings, and I would redo the entire process in a heartbeat."


NOTE: The first informational (on May 16th) mentioned in the video has taken place. A second informational is being hosted on May 30th. See details below:


Informational Meeting

Join me at The Called Career informational to learn more and enroll!

Date:               Thursday, May 30th
Time:               7:30-8:30pm
Location:       Austin Public Library Downtown, Room #522


There are only 10 seats available, so RSVP to secure your spot and let me know you’re coming!

Course Details

Time: Seven classes, held on Sundays from 4:00-6:00pm. See schedule below for details.

Group size: The group will be limited to eight members to ensure each participant receives individual attention.

Location: Meetings will be held in Central/South Austin. Exact meeting locations will be announced at the Informational meeting.

Price: $325 - collected at the informational meeting via check, PayPal, or Venmo.


Course Schedule

Sundays at 4:00pm

1st Class:   June 2nd

2nd Class:  June 9th

June 16th   (no class - Father’s Day)

3rd Class:   June 23rd

4th Class:   June 30th

5th Class:   July 7th

6th Class:   July 14th

7th Class:   July 21


Don’t forget to RSVP for the Informational Meeting!

I am incredibly excited for the clarity, direction, and rejuvenation this will provide to help us fully dedicate our work to God!

Email me at kelsey@kempcoachingalliance.com if you have any questions.